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Enhanced Solutions - Hosting

CenturyLink Hosting Services offer an integrated portfolio of Internet solutions — solutions that begin with the secure, reliable environment of our state-of-the-art Cyber Center facilities and the speed and performance of our global, all-optical IP network. CenturyLink Hosting Services offer a complete spectrum of fully customizable solutions.
CenturyLink Hosting Service can provide the following product Suites for your business.
Disaster Recovery
With CenturyLink Disaster Recovery Service you can avoid revenue and productivity losses due to downtime. Provide peace of mind to your employees, customers, and shareholders by minimizing the prospect of going out of business.   We can you help you avoid these unplanned disasters in the following ways:
Consulting Services
Let CenturyLink take care of your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery consulting needs. From Disaster Recovery Plans to Business Impact Analyses to Operational Analyses, CenturyLink will engage the appropriate consultants to address your needs.
Quick-ship delivery of hosting equipment, mobile recovery units, and call center connectivity is available.
Let CenturyLink assist you in arranging a quick-ship delivery of devices to your DR environment. CenturyLink will help you select the equipment to be reserved for you. In the event of a disaster, CenturyLink’s vendor will deliver your equipment to our DR facility in a timely fashion. CenturyLink can also assist you in creating your mobile recovery services program, bringing the recovery effort to the client’s preferred location.
168 Hour (one week) "Cold" Site recovery into a CenturyLink Disaster Recovery (DR) facility
A less costly alternative for those hosted elements you can afford to have down for up to one week’s time – non-revenue generating elements such as e-mail, file servers, archives and more.
72 Hour "Hot" Site recovery into a CenturyLink DR Facility
For environments requiring data loss of no more than 24 hours – high tech, e-commerce, manufacturing, medical records and images.
24 Hour "Hot" Site recovery into a CenturyLink DR Facility
For environments requiring data loss of no more than four hours such as, banking, brokerage houses, and government dealing in high volume, high transaction, high value environments.
Dedicated Collocation Hosting
CenturyLink Dedicated Hosting physically locates and manages the customer's hardware and system software to support their Internet applications, such as corporate intranet/extranet, video streaming or e-commerce. Dedicated Hosting Services enable companies to outsource their Web presence in order to focus on their core enterprise and still gain the business advantages of Web hosting technology. Web servers are located in secure, state-of-the-art, CenturyLink Cyber Center™ facilities and are directly connected to the OC-48/OC-192 CenturyLink Macro Capacity® Fiber Network.
CenturyLink offers a comprehensive suite of Dedicated Hosting solutions to meet virtually every customer need. These solutions include basic collocation services, monitoring and two levels of management services. One level provides the option of two money-back Hosting SLAs-99.5 percent or 99.95 percent uptime guarantee. And, CenturyLink provides a Custom Hosting offering for those customers with unique support requirements.
Dedicated Web Hosting is available throughout the domestic U.S. CenturyLink Cyber Center facilities are located in:
  • Burbank, CA
  • Sunnyvale, CA #1
  • Sunnyvale, CA#2
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Seattle, WA(2/1/2007)
  • Denver, CO #1
  • Denver, CO #2
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Columbus, OH
  • Chicago, IL
  • Tampa, FL
  • Sterling, VA#1
  • Sterling, VA #2
  • Newark, NJ
Managed Services (OS, App, & DB)
Choice-driven solutions offer a variety of managed service options that provide ideal choices for customers' complex and mission-critical solutions. CenturyLink Managed Hosting Services provide the utmost flexibility; robust enough to support a wide array of customer-requested hardware and operating systems; and versatile enough to accommodate shared control of environments when needed. Additionally, CenturyLink provides a complete offering of a-la-carte application and database monitoring and management solutions to layer atop CenturyLink managed platforms. With the CenturyLink total package of managed service solutions, customers can offload management of even the most complex and time-consuming components of Web solutions without surrendering control. Rely on CenturyLink to manage your network, servers, applications, storage, security and other mission-critical elements.
Application and Database Support Overview
CenturyLink Application and Database Support services provide for the monitoring and management of a Dedicated Web Hosting (DWH) client's database and applications. These services provide proactive monitoring and virtual database administration and Web server maintenance services to Enhanced, Premium, Managed and Performance Hosting clients. With cutting-edge expert agent-based software and third tier management
Support, Application and Database Support services help to ensure a client's mission-critical databases, Web and application servers remain up and running 24 hours a day.
Our monitoring software is low impact on client system resources. It provides detailed performance and capacity planning reports. It automatically distributes proactive, predictive alerts to customer-specified representatives-at customer-specified thresholds. And, it is fully integrated into the CenturyLink Cyber Center™ facility monitoring and client support infrastructure
Migration Assistance
CenturyLink Migration Assistance services can provide new or existing CenturyLink customers with various levels of assistance for transitioning their hosted environments into a CenturyLink Cyber Center™ facility. A CenturyLink Migration subject matter expert can assist your customer by providing vendor oversight for your customer's infrastructure relocation vendor of choice, or recommend one of CenturyLink's infrastructure relocation allies to manage the complexity of the migration and alleviate the stress of relocating your customer's environment into a CenturyLink Cyber Center facility.
Storage & Backup Services
CenturyLink Storage Services provide Dedicated Hosting Customers with a range of fully managed, scalable Primary Storage solutions. CenturyLink Primary Storage solutions are cost efficient, as no capital outlay is required and Customers only pay for what they need. CenturyLink Primary Storage is backed by industry leading SLAs, technologically advanced infrastructure and a highly trained technical support staff. With CenturyLink Primary Storage, Dedicated Hosting Customers have single vendor accountability and no handoffs.
  • Primary Storage-
CenturyLink provides Dedicated Hosting Customers with fully managed primary disk storage delivered via the technologically advanced CenturyLink Storage Area Network (SAN). CenturyLink offers customers three types of Primary Storage: Basic Availability, High Availability and Critical Availability. Each availability level comes with both distinct feature sets and data uptime service level agreements (SLA) that are designed to meet the needs of any enterprise. CenturyLink Primary Storage is delivered and priced on a per gigabyte basis.
  • Dedicated Managed Storage-
CenturyLink also offers Primary Storage to Dedicated Hosting Customers who elect to purchase and install their own storage hardware from a CenturyLink-supported list of equipment. With Dedicated Managed Storage, CenturyLink manages storage and backup functions, and customers have multiple feature sets and SLAs to choose from.
  • Tape Backup-
CenturyLink offers fully managed tape backup of Primary Storage. CenturyLink Tape Backup provides Customers with tapes, tape management, tape archival, verification of successful backups and completes helpdesk support. Tape Backup is offered as an add-on to all levels of Primary Storage and is available as a premium service for CenturyLink Dedicated Hosting Customers who manage their own storage.
  • Point-in-Time Copy-
CenturyLink provides fully managed, complete copies of online storage within the storage array. Point-in-Time Copy allows customers to rapidly restore data, perform non-disruptive backup, test applications and warehouse data. The Point-in-Time Copy function is built into the Primary Storage Critical Availability offer and is presented to Primary Storage High Availability Customers as an optional service.
  • Non-Disruptive Backup-
CenturyLink offers Non-Disruptive Backup as an add-on service to Primary Storage Critical and High Availability Customers. With this service, Customers receive a non-disruptive, daily copy of their data saved to disk. Copies are backed up via secondary server while the primary database remains live. Non-Disruptive Backup is priced differently if purchased as an add-on to Point-in-Time Copy.

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