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Enhanced Solutions - CenturyLinkĀ® Fiber + Enterprise

Fiber-based data, voice, and cloud-based applications.
The essential services you need, tailored to your business.

CenturyLink Fiber + Enterprise provides you with the high-performance communication services that are essential to your business. Delivered over a fiber connection, Fiber + Enterprise includes a fiber-based IP connection, and VoIP service with advanced calling features. You choose your data connection based on your data and Internet needs. Next, choose an option based on the voice equipment you have in place. You can then specify the data, Internet speeds, voice lines, and the other business essentials you need. Our voice and data solutions come with email accounts, data backup, and tools to manage your website and online marketing initiatives. Take advantage of the fiber connection that’s already in your area, and the reliability of the CenturyLink network, backed by a service level agreement (SLA).

  1. Choose your connection options, depending on your data and Internet needs.
    • Internet Port
    • Private Port
  2. Customize your cloud-based business services.
    • Fiber + Enterprise comes fully loaded with our cloud-based applications, including email, collaboration, productivity, web tools and online data backup. Plus, you get the flexibility to customize your services to meet your business needs.
  3. Choose your Voice Service
    • Choose your voice service depending on whether you have existing equipment you want to keep, such as analog phones or a PBX.
      1. INTEGRATED ACCESS: Your data, Internet, and voice are integrated over a single connection. You can keep your existing analog phones and still get all the high-speed, symmetrical connectivity to your services. CenturyLink provides your integrated data and voice connection, plus we provide the necessary equipment, such as the router and integrated access device.
      2. SIP TRUNK WITH INTEGRATED ACCESS DEVICE (IAD): Integrated data, Internet, and voice solution that works with existing PBX systems (with PRI card) and supports 6–46 IP call sessions. CenturyLink will manage your IAD and your SIP trunk for data and voice integration.
      3. DATA ONLY: CenturyLink Fiber + Enterprise provides your business with the robust data connection it requires. You can get a high-speed, symmetrical data connection up to 1Gbps (in select areas). You also get options to upgrade your services. When you take advantage of the CenturyLink fiber connection that’s already in your area, your business gains greater flexibility and speed.


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