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Voice Solutions - ISDN / PRI

By dialing a telephone, you are able to have fast, flexible, highly reliable, and digitally clear connections. New communications services based on Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) technology make this possible.
With ISDN, you are able to send any combination of voice, image, video, or data across town or around the world. Based upon international communications standards, ISDN provides you with access to the powerful capabilities of today’s public telephone network.
Lumen offers two versions of ISDN service, Primary Rate & Single Line Service:
o         Lumen® Primary Rate Service is a digital network that allows you to transmit voice, data, video, and image – separately or simultaneously – over standard telephone lines or fiber optic circuits via a standard interface. A single ISDN channel is a fast and flexible information management tool, but Lumen Primary Rate Service is 24 times more powerful, bundling 24 ISDN channels for delivery to your premises.
o         Lumen Single Line Service uses advanced digital technology to move data at significantly higher speeds than standard phone lines by allowing multiple communications to travel simultaneously on a single line. The speed of your communications is dramatically increased, up to 128 Kbps.
Service is not available in all areas, depending on distance from an ISDN-equipped service office and technical phone line qualifications. Additional charges for backhaul, ISDN modem and RJ45 jack may apply. Not all Internet Service Providers (ISP) are compatible with ISDN. Some ISPs may charge more for Internet access over ISDN. Actual speeds may vary.


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