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Internet Solutions - Internet T-1

Customer value proposition
Lumen iQ Networking Internet Port service simplifies complex data communications by uniting your customer’s mission-critical business applications with our OC-192 network. Lumen constructs flexible solutions permitting universal access to a converged networking environment. All this is designed around your customer’s specific needs, and backed by comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs).
Lumen IQ Networking Internet Port combined with Lumen Integrated Management, Remote Access and Managed Security and Firewall-VPN services makes it easy for your customer’s to securely connect to the Internet and allows for the option to extend secure connectivity to remote locations. A Lumen IQ Networking Internet Port solution consists of a secure, managed, fully interoperable and scalable suite of ports ranging from fractional T-1 to OC-48, including Ethernet speeds from two to 1000 megabits. Our comprehensive solution and consultative approach turns your customer’s requirements into a competitive advantage that will distinguish their business in the marketplace. Lumen understands that our future is dependent on your customer’s success. And we are committed to delivering a visionary communications solution that is as unique as your business.
Internet Port makes technology work for your customer
Lumen constructs flexible Internet Port solutions that transcend the underlying technologies, permitting frame relay, ATM, Ethernet or private line access to a converged networking environment. All this is designed around your customer’s specific needs, and backed by a competitive SLA.
Internet Port enables your customer’s business applications
As enterprises use the benefits of multimedia, such as voice over IP, and other bandwidth-intensive applications, the need for an intelligent network to securely support these mission-critical applications is vitally important. You will be partnering with your customer in a consultative, application-focused manner to provide responsive networking solutions, based on their bandwidth, security and CPE requirements. CenturyLink iQ Networking Internet Port provides your customer peace of mind knowing that their data and applications are safe and secure.
Internet Port on your customer’s terms
An essential component of an intelligent network solution is your customer’s experience and expertise. Lumen listens to your customers, and responds accordingly with end-to-end accountability. Lumen iQ Networking Internet Port brings together a team of highly-trained professionals to provide your customer with a complete support solution—with a human touch. From simple, easy, one-call resolve support procedures, to robust Web-based management and measurement tools, we bring it all together for your customer, on their terms.
Service overview
Lumen IQ Networking Internet Port services are implemented on the Lumen OC-192 Internet protocol (IP) backbone and are backed by SLAs that are competitive in the industry.
The following domestic U.S. objectives are contracted with each Lumen IQ Networking Internet Port:
  • Availability: 100 percent
  • Latency: 50 ms
  • Packet Delivery: 99.5 percent
  • Jitter: 2 Ms
  • Reporting: 10 minutes
  • Installation: 30 – 45 days (does not include Ethernet Local Access)
  • Denial of Service: 15 minutes
Lumen offers access speeds and pricing plans that meet your customer’s current requirements and future needs:
  • Scalable network private line access speeds range from 56 Kbps to the fastest speed commercially available today—2.4 Gbps—as your customer’s company grows, the business is not hampered by a lack of Internet access speed.
  • Available flat, tiered and usage-based pricing options help fulfill budgetary requirements.
  • If your customer has an existing Frame Relay or ATM network and requires Frame Relay or ATM to reach an IP network, Lumen offers access speeds that enable them to use their current technology to get to the Internet. Speeds are available from fractional DS-1 to OC-3 speeds.
  • Ethernet Local Access (ELA) is a type of local loop used to transport data from your customer’s premises to a Lumen Internet Port. ELA is limited to your customers who reside on or are in close proximity to a fiber network that is connected to Lume's data network.
  • Integrated access availability results in robust virtual enterprise solutions.
Network technology
Lumen IQ Networking Internet Port solutions utilize the benefits of the Lumen OC-192 IP network backbone that is engineered for minimal packet loss and network congestion. Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) fast re-route is used between every core router in the network, ensuring a quicker recovery time over synchronous optical network (SONET). Lumen's public and private peering arrangements are extensive, allowing Lumen to send transit customer traffic to the destination network as soon as possible. This minimizes latency by allowing the next network in the path to the destination to make the most efficient routing decision possible.
Lumen IQ Networking Internet Port is a part of the Lumen  iQ Networking portfolio. Lumen iQ Networking puts in place building blocks to make your customer’s applications perform as they were designed. From security measures and remote access, to robust hosting and diversity solutions, your customers can be confident they have an applications-aware networking environment enhanced by a world-class support team.
Customer experience
Regardless of your customer’s chosen network providers, the need for quick trouble resolution is critically important. Lumen provides flexible customer service using a truly integrated support staff.
Lumen IQ Networking Internet Port is delivered on your customer’s terms. This attitude permeates the entire solution, all the way through to our responsive team of support professionals. We listened to customers’ needs and their desire for a one-call, single-touch experience. Lumen provides a one-stop, one-call trouble resolution session that allows your customer to open and resolve trouble tickets online. Your customer experience is built around your customer’s needs and desires.
Lumen Control®
In addition to dedicated support professionals who are ready to assist your customer, Lumen iQ Networking® Internet Port provides a wealth of administrative tools via Lumen Control—our proprietary Web-based portal. Lumen Control reduces or eliminates the need for your customers to build customized network management tools or to manage resources to perform network modifications. Now your customers can have direct control of network elements and service components via an easy-to-use, Web-based interface for network management. Lumen Control provides your customers with complete management control over their billing, network and trouble management needs across a wide range of Lumen® Data, IP and Voice services.
CenturyLinkSource is a Web-based management tool that allows new and existing CenturyLink iQ Networking Internet Port customers to better manage their logical configuration connections. It primarily gives your customers the ability to supply important information electronically via a dynamic order form that helps speed up the provisioning of their Internet Port service. It allows your customer to change/modify/delete aspects of their logical configuration service that were previously manual processes.
  • A solution designed around your customer’s current and future requirements
  • Enhanced performance driven by CenturyLink OC-192 Internet backbone
  • Global reach with universal access
  • Scalable solution with port speeds ranging form 56 Kbps to 2.4 Gbps
  • Next generation network technologies
  • Access diversity
    • Domestic and international connectivity
    • Dedicated access
    • Remote access
  • Unprecedented network management tools
    • SLA metrics via
    • Web-based on-demand management through CenturyLink Control
    • Proactive monitoring for security events, system performance and resource utilization
    • Management reports on user activity, administrative changes and security alerts
  • Dedicated IP implementation engineers, support personal- and one-call-resolve trouble management
  • World-class customer care with sophisticated diagnostic and prescriptive tools and 24/7 support
  • Carrier class availability and performance (engineered to 100 percent uptime)
  • Your customers can proceed outsourcing their networking needs while maintaining management authority over their communications with flexible, direct control over their network elements
  • Simplified purchasing through a consultative approach that bridges the technology gap from today into the future
  • Can reduce costs when compared to implementing similar solutions in-house
  • Virtually eliminates internal failure points and uncertainties that occur when the very limited number of internal security administrators become unavailable
  • Delivers high-performance interoperability between diverse network architectures
  • Seamless access to hosted applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM)/sales automation applications and CenturyLink digital nervous system
  • CenturyLink Total Advantage® Internet Port customers with aggressive savings based on their total communications spending with CenturyLink provides CenturyLink IQ Networking®



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