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Enhanced Solutions - SipMedia

SipMedia’s technology enables dial tone over a Broadband connection, thereby providing users with an economical and feature rich alternative to the legacy incumbent network.
VoIP is a packet-based transmission of voice traffic in an IP based environment over either a corporate network or over the Internet
Why SipMedia?
  • Has an established successful track record
  • Owns and controls switching infrastructure
  • Demonstrates an ability to offer telecom services in multiple countries
  • Positioning of new products such as PDA with soft-phone
  • Provides a platform which is evolving to WIFI (802.11), WIMAX (802.16), etc….
  • Owns a proprietary Softswitch which is inherently scalable at a low per port unit cost
  • Operates on a Tier 1 IP backbone
  • Provides a feature-rich platform to provide:
    •  Lower cost for local and long-distance calling
    • Portability of your number (Vacation, Business travel, etc.)
    • Many standard features normally extra from traditional phone companies
      •  Voicemail with e-mail notification
      • Caller ID
      • Call Waiting
      • Call Forwarding
      • Call Transfer
      • Faxing
      •  Three way calling
      • Return last call (*69)
      • Toll Free
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