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Voice Solutions - Integrated Access

OneFlex Integrated Access
Lumen One Flex Integrated Access is a single T-1 circuit that can be used to transfer data, access the Internet and have real-time, two-way voice calls in Internet protocol (IP). Lumen One Flex Integrated Access also provides popular calling features, such as caller ID. It uses dynamically allocated bandwidth so customers have the advantage of using the entire circuit for Internet access when phones are not in use. Voice traffic is prioritized over data and when phones are in use and bandwidth is automatically allocated from data to voice.
Lumen's One Flex Integrated Access provides customers access to the Internet as well as the gateway used to make calls to end users on the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Calls made to other Lumen One Flex Integrated Access or One Flex Hosted VoIP end users stay “on-net” and are included in the Integrated Access circuit monthly recurring charge (MRC). Local calls are also included in the Integrated Access circuit MRC.
One Flex Integrated Access is a simplified bundled solution that can reduce the amount of time customers spend paying multiple bills and managing multiple services.
One Flex Integrated Access works for customers by:
Lowering expenses
            • Reduces overall telecommunications costs by eliminating the need for multiple circuits.
            • Flexible VoIP network at a lower cost than traditional voice services.
            • Unlimited local calling.
            • Unlimited on-net calling to any One Flex Integrated Access or One Flex Hosted VoIP end user.
            • Interstate long-distance at $0.03
Increasing productivity
            • One dynamically allocated transport:
            One Flex Integrated Access uses VoIP technology to automatically provide dynamically allocated bandwidth between voice and data in real time. The entire bandwidth can be used for data when voice lines are not in use.
            • One provider
            • One order to place (Lumen's ordering process has a series of ordering steps but customers only need to place one order with Lumen)
            • One monthly bill to pay (your customers will initially receive a second invoice for the on-premises IAD equipment)
            • One customer care number for bill inquiry
            • One repair call to make
Offering a competitive edge
            • Cost savings and productivity benefits of a converged network supported with VoIP technology—without equipment obsolescence:
            No local area network (LAN) upgrades required
            No equipment changes to make—use current private branch exchange (PBX), key systems and handsets

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